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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Data darbar attacks - a punishment of our sins

I was watching the "End of Time" by Shahid Masood, under the series "The Hidden Truth", earlier today when I noticed that the history of nations shows that every civilizations defied the rules of nature and the right path, got destroyed in one way or another. The social demise of a nation is the beginning of their collective end.

The more I pondered upon the subject, the more I found it to be true. A lot of people might disagree with my thinking but I assure you that I am neither against sufi-ism nor I want to disgrace any Aulia Allah in anyway through this article. I totally respect those appointed by the Almighty to show the right path to humans.

The fact that our society is today a perfect demonstration of the destruction of social values, religion and very ideology of this country? What good are we as Pakistanis and where are we standing today in terms of success? What have we contributed to the success of this country? We are standing at the verge of a collapse, denying every possible right to exist. Everyone among us is totally responsible for this situation as we all have played our part in this situation.

Blaming the Government for security lapse and talking about deobandi and brailwi  riots is nothing foreign to us since the assasination of Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I would go as far as here to say that a nation who is fond of killing its leaders is almost doomed. When we are being benefited, we forget everything else and when it's not in our favour; we simply go to protest.

Lets come to our point of the attacks on Data Darbar, a place where food is served for free round the clock and is home to thousands of homeless people. Data Darbar offers shelter and food to needy and is a symbol of peace for those who cant find it elsewhere. If you have been to data darbar, you will have definitely noticed people offering sajda before darbar. All this, in the name of respect and honor.

Holy Prophet (SAWW) ordered not to turn his grave into Sajda Gah(A place of Worship). Lowering your head before anyone but Allah is Shirk and is the basic principle of Islam. From centuries of living in Hindustan, this type of respect and praise has entered our society so silently that it has turned so many of us into Musjriks (Nauzobillah).

We perform so many tasks in our daily routines that are against Islam that we hardly notice them anymore. The correct term for it is described as Tasteless Sin. When the feeling of sin is lost, think that the hope is lost. We openly deny all principles of Islam and then pray for Allah's forgiveness? We perform social crimes like lies, deceiving, bribery and yet long for Allah's blessings. We recite Naats and forget every teaching of the beloved Prophet (SAWW) who used to cry all night for us.

These bomb blasts, destruction and demise is nothing but a reaction of nature to our sins. Instead of becoming a fort of Islam, Pakistan has turned into a hub of sins where the mixture and composition is just right for Satan to prosper and spread its message. From mosques to schools and offices to politics, everyone is busy in the blame game. Nation is sleeping and leaders are deceiving.

But all hope is not lost yet, Allah (SWT)'s blessings will rain upon us again. 313 Muslims will again defeat larger enemies. Angels will be among us again. We will again lead the world. We will be a great nation. Rain will again shower and water our crops and there will be prosperity in this country once again. All you have to do is to help each other and get united as a nation. If we take care of the weaker among us, they wont feel deprived. There will no more be social injustice. No one will commit crimes. No one will blast himself. There will be no Azab from Nature. We have to take a step further and correct our deeds. Align our actions in line with the teachings of Holy Prophet (SAWW). Fulfill our social duties and responsibilities.

I request all of you to please change your ways and start from today. I believe that you know the right path yourself. All of you are educated and responsible individuals. I will end this post with this ayah from Quran "Ati -ulla ha wa ati ur rasool". Please follow Allah Almighty (SWT) and follow Holy Prophet (SAWW). May Allah be our savior. Amin

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Who defied dnations from Baber Awan?

Despite the argument that giving funds to bar associations in a loud speaker manner is right or wrong, in an interesting turn of events, Yaseen Karam, Senior Advocate Pattoki Bar Association, declined to accept a gift of Rs 50,000 by Federal Law Minister Pakistan, Mr. Baber Awan. The context of this denial is blurred and a lot of appreciations are showered from individuals of different walks of life.

Although, I don't consider that to be a gigantic blot on the canvas of Pakistani politics yet it has a causal background.  He said that Government wants to use Buy and Rule like Divide and Rule. This is a rather harsh and direct attack and I was kind of shocked at seeing those comments.

A lot of people are talking about this while everyone has a different viewpoint. I, myself have a different idea about this whole scenario. I am not a fan of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians. I have, however, seen that these types of incidents happen for a reason, either for a bigger profit that the one already being gained or under an obligation.

In the preceding scenario, I feel that the first case is true, A lawyer of a remote bar association can not by himself take such a daring action  proclaiming his stance in front of media until or unless there is a bigger benefit involved.
I feel that some one or some party promised to give him more than 50,000 to speak out loud. I need your comments on the topic. What do you think of this? Did he do it by himself or under someone's directions?

Now pay more for electricity

While the footprints for last month's price hike in electricity bills had not yet dimmed, Government of Pakistan has, under the direction of IMF, decided to blast another bomb on the inflation-struck and budget beaten population i.e. another price hike in the already inflated electricity bill. The current rate increase is 7.5% which I feel is a big shock.

In the past year, all subsidy on electricity has not only been reverted but also more taxes are being loaded onto Pakistanis, Whenever, there is a price increase in utility bills, Government of Pakistan tells us that it wont effect lifeline customers. I tried to calculate the lifeline customers i.e. 100 units per month.

A unit = 100 Kilowatt= 1000 watts

100 units = 100 X 1000 = 100,000 watts

A household will have at least 2 bulbs. Lets assume they are 60 watts each

60+60 = 120 watts.

If each bulb is used for 8 hours a day then

120 X 8 X 30 = 28,800 watts
At least a fan would be there as well. A fan is usually 250 watts. Although, in summer, a fan is used 24 hours, yet thanks to WAPDA, at least 8 hours of load shedding is must in Pakistan.

so we will say 16 hours of electricity, out of which we say 1 fan is used for 12 hours a day.

250 X 12 X 30 = 90,000 watts hr

That poor man might still use an iron to press clothes. Let us assume that he only uses a single iron for 6 times a month. An iron is usually at least 1200 watts. If he uses iron for an hour each time so

1200 X 1 X 6 = 7200 watts hr

Assuming they don't use water pump, TV, Washing Machine or any other utility thats known to facilitate us and are considered necessities in most countries, lets sum up the above

28,800 + 90,000 + 7200 = 126,000 watts hr= 126 KW hr = 126 units

This exceeds the 100,000 watts or 100 KW hr = 100 units

If we see, we have denied all possible basic necessities of life to life line consumers and still exceeded the lifeline limit set by the government of Pakistan.

This lifeline rule is a total joke on our face and should be stopped immediately. Why lie to people of Pakistan? Why not do something for their welfare and aid.


Greater Pakistan, A dream or reality?

Some people might consider this a useless contribution thinking that what a loser I might be for creating and writing a new blog about Pakistan while there are so many blogs and contents on the internet about this topic. My view point, however, is different. I want to write about our country to dhow my own perspective about different things happening here.

While it may sound like all hope is lost, it isn't. There are so many good people around with nicer and incere efforts for the greatness of this country. Pakistan is not all about corruption, nor it is about bomb blasts and terrorism training. It is home to more than 170 million great people who have just lost track of success.

Religious extremism is a result of the hopelessness that 7 decades of leadership has gifted this nation. We are crying at the feet of other nations for funds while neglecting our own resources and great gifts that Allah has bestowed upon us.

We have sufficient resources of coal, water, wind and sun and yet we are facing an energy crisis. We are an agricultural nation and yet our food prices are skyrocketing. Islam forbids Sood (Interest on Loans) and yet we are deeply plunged into this system. We have intelligent people and still most of our educated youth wishes to have a foreign passport. Why are we trying to loot our own country by denying the freedom to others and piling up money in a few hands?

Through this blog, I would like to have Pakistani understand and appreciate the gift of freedom and lie their lives helping others, While we build our resources, we must also seek to find new ways to get rid of the foreign loans and stand on our feet. We need to abandon the ways of the ways that we are adopting and learn to live the hard way. We must try to help others and make this country strong/

I am not a politician and I don't want to be one. I just want to promote the message of love and unity in our nation that can be crucial for the success and prosperity of Pakistan. Lets all make this country a great one in the world. May Allah have mercy on us,