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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Who defied dnations from Baber Awan?

Despite the argument that giving funds to bar associations in a loud speaker manner is right or wrong, in an interesting turn of events, Yaseen Karam, Senior Advocate Pattoki Bar Association, declined to accept a gift of Rs 50,000 by Federal Law Minister Pakistan, Mr. Baber Awan. The context of this denial is blurred and a lot of appreciations are showered from individuals of different walks of life.

Although, I don't consider that to be a gigantic blot on the canvas of Pakistani politics yet it has a causal background.  He said that Government wants to use Buy and Rule like Divide and Rule. This is a rather harsh and direct attack and I was kind of shocked at seeing those comments.

A lot of people are talking about this while everyone has a different viewpoint. I, myself have a different idea about this whole scenario. I am not a fan of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians. I have, however, seen that these types of incidents happen for a reason, either for a bigger profit that the one already being gained or under an obligation.

In the preceding scenario, I feel that the first case is true, A lawyer of a remote bar association can not by himself take such a daring action  proclaiming his stance in front of media until or unless there is a bigger benefit involved.
I feel that some one or some party promised to give him more than 50,000 to speak out loud. I need your comments on the topic. What do you think of this? Did he do it by himself or under someone's directions?

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