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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Now pay more for electricity

While the footprints for last month's price hike in electricity bills had not yet dimmed, Government of Pakistan has, under the direction of IMF, decided to blast another bomb on the inflation-struck and budget beaten population i.e. another price hike in the already inflated electricity bill. The current rate increase is 7.5% which I feel is a big shock.

In the past year, all subsidy on electricity has not only been reverted but also more taxes are being loaded onto Pakistanis, Whenever, there is a price increase in utility bills, Government of Pakistan tells us that it wont effect lifeline customers. I tried to calculate the lifeline customers i.e. 100 units per month.

A unit = 100 Kilowatt= 1000 watts

100 units = 100 X 1000 = 100,000 watts

A household will have at least 2 bulbs. Lets assume they are 60 watts each

60+60 = 120 watts.

If each bulb is used for 8 hours a day then

120 X 8 X 30 = 28,800 watts
At least a fan would be there as well. A fan is usually 250 watts. Although, in summer, a fan is used 24 hours, yet thanks to WAPDA, at least 8 hours of load shedding is must in Pakistan.

so we will say 16 hours of electricity, out of which we say 1 fan is used for 12 hours a day.

250 X 12 X 30 = 90,000 watts hr

That poor man might still use an iron to press clothes. Let us assume that he only uses a single iron for 6 times a month. An iron is usually at least 1200 watts. If he uses iron for an hour each time so

1200 X 1 X 6 = 7200 watts hr

Assuming they don't use water pump, TV, Washing Machine or any other utility thats known to facilitate us and are considered necessities in most countries, lets sum up the above

28,800 + 90,000 + 7200 = 126,000 watts hr= 126 KW hr = 126 units

This exceeds the 100,000 watts or 100 KW hr = 100 units

If we see, we have denied all possible basic necessities of life to life line consumers and still exceeded the lifeline limit set by the government of Pakistan.

This lifeline rule is a total joke on our face and should be stopped immediately. Why lie to people of Pakistan? Why not do something for their welfare and aid.


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