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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Greater Pakistan, A dream or reality?

Some people might consider this a useless contribution thinking that what a loser I might be for creating and writing a new blog about Pakistan while there are so many blogs and contents on the internet about this topic. My view point, however, is different. I want to write about our country to dhow my own perspective about different things happening here.

While it may sound like all hope is lost, it isn't. There are so many good people around with nicer and incere efforts for the greatness of this country. Pakistan is not all about corruption, nor it is about bomb blasts and terrorism training. It is home to more than 170 million great people who have just lost track of success.

Religious extremism is a result of the hopelessness that 7 decades of leadership has gifted this nation. We are crying at the feet of other nations for funds while neglecting our own resources and great gifts that Allah has bestowed upon us.

We have sufficient resources of coal, water, wind and sun and yet we are facing an energy crisis. We are an agricultural nation and yet our food prices are skyrocketing. Islam forbids Sood (Interest on Loans) and yet we are deeply plunged into this system. We have intelligent people and still most of our educated youth wishes to have a foreign passport. Why are we trying to loot our own country by denying the freedom to others and piling up money in a few hands?

Through this blog, I would like to have Pakistani understand and appreciate the gift of freedom and lie their lives helping others, While we build our resources, we must also seek to find new ways to get rid of the foreign loans and stand on our feet. We need to abandon the ways of the ways that we are adopting and learn to live the hard way. We must try to help others and make this country strong/

I am not a politician and I don't want to be one. I just want to promote the message of love and unity in our nation that can be crucial for the success and prosperity of Pakistan. Lets all make this country a great one in the world. May Allah have mercy on us,

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  1. Pakistan really need sincere leaders like Muhammad Ali Jinnah